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 Professional Mural Design & Painting

ArtFX Design Studios creates and executes professional mural painting and muralist services geared for businesses and corporate clients. 

From large scale murals to business logo murals to chalkboard murals to 
trompe o'leil (3-D)  murals, we can make it happen.


Pricing Custom Murals 
- There are a number of factors involved in mural pricing, custom fine art piece or chalkboard sign. Generally, a mural is estimated based on total square footage and the amount of detail (time) involved. A large wall mural that is rather simple in its composition can be the same price as a small detailed mural that takes the same amount of time to complete. Other factors such as travel, renting scaffolding, special equipment or material costs are also considered.

The process starts with a call or email to us to discuss your ideas and review the details - size, concept, colors, where you would like the mural to be painted, etc. Email or provide any  photos, drawings or clippings that help frame your ideas.  If you have a budget you need to work with, thats fine. We will maximize our design based on your needs. Consultations are free unless significant travel expenses are involved. This will be discussed during our initial call.

If you like our work and we decide to move forward, I will create preliminary mural designs and cost estimates with payment options for final approval.

              1897 Market Chalkboard Mural - Charlotte Airport - Charlotte, NC

Starbucks logo mural Chicago Union Station

Starbucks logo mural Louisville KY Airport

The Chillburger - Floyds Knobs, Indiana

Hollywood themed mural at Hollywood Grill

20' x 40' State of Kentucky Mural at the Bobcat Dealership  Bowling Green, KY

Starbucks Siren Mural at Jungle Jims International Market - Fairfield, Ohio

Lebanon Animal Hospital - Lebanon, TN

Woodford Reserve Mural at lost River Pizza

SRC Baseball mural painted on an old doppler radar tower at Whitaker Bank Baseball Park - Lexington, KY

       Custom Murals
Themes for restaurants, furniture stores, coffee & donut shops, waiting rooms, special signage or advertising campaign, updated business logos, ceiling murals, nurseries and childrens rooms.
The applications are endless. Call us to discuss your ideas.

 Gone With The Wind Mural at Hollywood Grill

Child's Room Mural based on the book "The Quiet Bunny"

Flying birds and background scene at the Hollywood Grill

Wolf Creek Marina logo mural painted on the roof  - Cumberland Lake

Tromp L'Oeil mural - Palm trees with window, bushes and pigeons

Close up of Pigeons - troupe o'leil mural

Child's room mural based on the children's book "The Quiet Bunny"

         Part of large overhead ceiling mural 

Close up of Hawk soaring overhead on ceiling mural

Pineapple Lily

    Holiday W
indow Mural Paintings

Holiday windows bring valuable attention and exposure to your business and the town during the retail holiday season. Our holiday murals are featured in newspapers and television and have become an annual 'holiday tour of murals' each year. 





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